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I have been reading a lot about London Cemeteries, and began to wonder whether I could trace any of my family members’ burials to any of them. Many of my direct line ancestors are buried in Saffron Walden, I wrote about how useful I had found the cemetery records in Killing Off My Ancestors – Part 1, however some did leave Saffron Walden! There can be few English families that didn’t have at least some members who ended their days in London.

I have known for a while that my great-grandfather, Arthur Edward Miller (b. 1873, Saffron Walden) had a sister, Sibitha Miller (b. 1876, Saffron Walden), who married Harry Catchpole, the 1911 census finds them living in Finchley, North London. I decided to start my hunt with Sibitha, as she also benefits from a most unusual name!

I don’t have the death certificate for Sibitha, but the only death registration for a Sibitha Catchpole is in the September 1934 quarter, in the Barnet registration district (according to FreeBMD), where Finchley is located. I decide to try a search for her burial on Deceased Online.

Deceased Online is a site launched in 2008 which aims to gather together the records of the many cemeteries and crematoria around the country, and make them searchable in one location (current database coverage).

Deceased Online offers a simple search with the option to input a surname, first name, and date range, there is also an Advanced search option which enable you to limit the search by region, but unfortunately not by cemetery.

A search for Catchpole burials in 1934, turned up a result, but not Sibitha:


Deceased Online: Search Results for Catchpole Burials in 1834


Next, I tried searching for Sibitha’s husband, Harry, who died in 1938:


Deceased Online: Search results for Catchpole Burials in 1838


Better luck! I believe that the Harry Arthur Catchpole buried on 5th November 1938 is Sibitha’s husband Harry, this ties in with a probate register entry which gives his death as 31st October 1938, and as I know that St Pancras cemetery is actually in East Finchley, it is a logical place for him to be buried.

Searching on Deceased Online is free, but in order to find out more information I needed to register with the site, and buy some credits. Unsure how much use I will find for the site I decided to buy the minimum number of credits, being 30 credits at a cost of £3.

Two options were available for Harry Catchpole:

  • grave details and 13 other burials
  • burial register scan
these each cost 15 credits, i.e. £1.50
I decided to take a look at the grave details first:

Deceased Online: Grave Details for Harry Catchpole and 13 others


This is slightly disappointing as I had hoped that Sibitha would be buried with him, but this does not appear to be the case.

I decided to spend my remaining credits on viewing the burial register scan:


Burial Register entry for Harry Catchpole


The grave details and the scan both supply me with the grave number and the date of the burial. The scan provides me with what appears to be his home address (although it is different from that in the Probate Calendar) and his place of death (North Middlesex County Hospital).

I hope to be able to locate his grave with this information. I am left wondering about Sibitha, was she buried in a different cemetery? Is she buried at St. Pancras, but for some reason her burial is not included on Deceased Online?

If you have used Deceased Online to successfully locate your ancestors’ burials I would love to hear about it.  On the other hand if you have tried and failed to find the place of burial for a family member it would be great if you would share that experience also.

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  1. I haven’t got any useful tips, but enjoyed this post – and learned from it. You’s think with a name like Sibitha she’d be easy to track down. How our ancestors and relatives play with us! Good luck with this.

    • Hi Frances, thanks for reading. Writing this post got me thinking about the name Sibitha. I was aware from my FreeBMD searches that there are very few Sibithas, but I hadn’t investigated it properly. I have just done a bit of googling and found another Sibitha in an online tree, she appears to be married to my Sibitha’s uncle! So I now have some new leads to follow up (the uncle seems to have ended up in Melbourne, Australia).

      The other thing about Sibitha is that it tends to get mistranscribed – Tibitha, Tabitha etc.

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